Preston Hall 1904

South Gate Lodge 1904

The Laundry in the South West of the Estate 1904

West Gate Lodge 1904



Preston Hall was sold to Robert Horner of Spitalfields in 1906 and remained unoccupied until 1907 when Robert Sauber took up residence


In 1914 Preston Hall was commissioned from Robert Sauber’s widow by the Red Cross as a hospital for casualties returning from the First World War. As there were stables on the grounds, horses were also brought to Preston Hall to be rehabilitated and looked after before returning to the front line.


At the end of the First World War, Preston Hall had become an established TB hospital and the staff running it were loathe to see it close down. Preston Hall was sold to Leeds Fireclay company after the war who subsequently sold it to Industrial Settlements Incorporated in 1919.

Vestibule at Preston Hall 1904

The Bothy 1904

Stud Grooms Lodge at Little Preston 1904

The Study Preston Hall 1904

Greenhouses - 1904

To the left is now where the Estates Team are located and on the right is now the Poppy Shop

Fountain with water running - 1904

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Artificial Lake 1904

Keepers Cottage - 1904

Preston Hall 1900-1919